About Us

   Unconventional Concepts, Inc.


Unconventional Concepts, Inc. (UCI) is a professional engineering and technical consulting firm specializing in issues related to Counter Terrorism analysis and preparedness response operations and national security. Typical projects involve high value, time critical programs which do not necessarily fall under the purview of conventional consulting firms or government agencies. Areas of expertise encompass development and transitioning of technologies from and to civilian, commercial, military, and government sectors. UCI is especially adept at finding and transitioning technologies that are developed for very specific high technology applications, but can be adapted and implemented in areas that were not their original purpose. Additionally UCI does comprehensive strategy and policy reviews to validate concepts of application and operations. The broad background and vision of UCI has resulted in a number of technologies originally developed for specific defense and government initiatives being transitioned into other government programs, thereby leveraging taxpayer's dollars. In addition, UCI has been instrumental in transitioning technologies through Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRDAs), Cooperative Agreements (CAs) and commercial licensing agreements to support university and commercial sector research and development. Dual use of existing technology leverages the high cost of development in new technology and finds alternative markets and applications where none were present before. UCI has also been instrumental in new business development and has supported the transition of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) training devices, medical testing equipment and antimicrobial solutions into commercial applications. UCI is a registered vendor in the United Nations Global Marketplace as a supplier to the United Nations.

Through its many professional experiences and collaborations, the staff of UCI has cultivated an extensive network of experts in strategic/policy analysis, disaster response and high technology fields that span the spectrum of science, engineering and operations. This includes scientists and engineers in the national laboratories, military/government R&D, law enforcement, fire/EMS, public and private universities, and numerous commercial entities. These collaborations have resulted in many successful meetings of scientists, engineers, operators, and business leaders from diverse backgrounds, brought together to exchange ideas and achieve common goals. UCI facilitates these meetings from one-on-one exchanges, arranging special venues for technologies that are proprietary or classified, to hosting a full technology symposium complete with multiple sessions, guest speakers, and hotel/conference facilities.