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About Us

Unconventional Concepts, Inc. (UCI) is a professional engineering and technical consulting firm specializing in issues related to Counter Terrorism analysis and preparedness response operations and national security.

Typical projects involve high value, time critical programs which do not necessarily fall under the purview of conventional consulting firms or government agencies.

Areas of expertise encompass development and transitioning of technologies from and to civilian, commercial, military, and government sectors. UCI is especially adept at finding and transitioning technologies that are developed for very specific high technology applications, but can be adapted and implemented in areas that were not their original purpose.


Additionally UCI does comprehensive strategy and policy reviews to validate concepts of application and operations. The broad background and vision of UCI has resulted in a number of technologies originally developed for specific defense and government initiatives being transitioned into other government programs, thereby leveraging taxpayer's dollars.

In addition, UCI has been instrumental in transitioning technologies through Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRDAs), Cooperative Agreements (CAs) and commercial licensing agreements to support university and commercial sector research and development. Dual use of existing technology leverages the high cost of development in new technology and finds alternative markets and applications where none were present before.


UCI has also been instrumental in new business development and has supported the transition of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) training devices, medical testing equipment and antimicrobial solutions into commercial applications. UCI is a registered vendor in the United Nations Global Marketplace as a supplier to the United Nations. 

Facilities & Infrastructure


Explotrain is a subsidiary of UCI with patented technologies, products and methods have been used to provide the highest fidelity explosives and battlefield effects for military and law enforcement training worldwide since 1999. They supply tools and training for EOD, C-IED, law enforcement, urban combat, CQB, and infantry maneuver operations.



UCI has a fleet of 10 + heavy transport military vehicles (M985 HEMTT, M936, M816, MK48 LVS, M989A1 HEMAT and others) that can be used for modeling and simulation.

IMG-20180106-00228 (1).jpg

Hard and Deeply Buried Thermonuclear launch test facility (ADK site)

UCI has re-purposed an Atlas F Thermonuclear ICBM Launch Facility for use as a hardened target Test & Evaluation range. 

Facilities Silo.jpg

FL Office

Our office in Fort Walton Beach is our headquarters focusing on administrative and program management.

UCI Florida Office.png

VA Office

Our office in Herndon serves as our true operational base, focused on maintaining close relationship with the majority of our clients.

UCI Virginia Office.png

Our Principals

Michael J. Hopmeier
President, Senior Principal Investigator
Michael V. 
Vice President, Senior Program Manager, FSO
Michael V. Malone
Vice President
Senior Program Manager, FSO
C. Dean Preston
C. Dean Preston
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